Personal Ethics Inventory

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Moral/ethical leadership is a critical requirement among today’s business managers. What ethical values and principles do you bring to the table? What does your own "moral compass" tell you as a leader?
How would you rank (from "1" (highest) to "10" (lowest)) the following ten basic ethical management principles in your own value system? Is there another principle (not on this list) that would be on your own "top ten" list? Write it at the bottom.

#1 Treat every person as valuable and unique. Never treat anyone as worthless, dispensable, or "just a number."

#2 Nurture growth and development in people.
Never box people in with stereotypes, images, or low expectations

#3_ Communicate to others by name with respect. Never ignore people---or use demeaning, trivializing names/labels.
#4 Promote a combination of good work and time off.
Never adopt policies or make demands that undermine balanced lives.

#5_Honor and respect people’s "significant others." Never ignore or disrespect the families and friends of others.
#6 Protect life, safety, & health.
Never harm or jeopardize the physical well-being of anyone.

#7_ Keep commitments & agreements in a trustworthy, reliable manner. Never betray your relational commitments or undermine those made by others.
#8 Practice fairness in matters of money and property.
Never tolerate unfair wages, prices, or financial practices.

#9 Communicate truthfully and constructively. Never mischaracterize people, products, services, or facts.
#10 Cultivate a positive and generous attitude.
Never give in to negativity, anger, greed, or envy.