LLCS Belief Statement: "Together, we dream, believe, strive and succeed."

Vision of the NLSD # 113 and La Loche Community School

All stakeholders commit to “Building a Community of Learners” in an environment that is safe, secure, friendly and inviting by sharing the responsibility of teaching and learning that promotes further education, lifelong learning, and success.

Mission of the NLSD # 113 and La Loche Community School

  • Improved learning outcomes in math, reading, writing, and science;
  • Improved outcomes for First Nations and Metis students;
  • Improved social skills; and
  • Improved student transitions within the Pre-K to 12 and through to post-secondary education and/or employment.

General Expectations

Students are expected to conduct themselves in such a way that each student contributes to a school atmosphere that is conducive to learning, safety, good health, and happiness. Each student must take it upon himself or herself to work within the goals and rules of the school.

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